Gradation List of Asst Engineer under 30%

Good News is that as per the order of the hon,ble Mr.Justice Antony Dominic on our case WP(C).No.11722 of 2009(I), KSEB has published the gradation list of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) on the official website of KSEBoard
The shortcut of the post is as folows. You can click on the shortcut to view the list.

As per the list total number of AE(Elec) under diploma stream is 428. Out of which 19 has already been retired and the 20th is retiring on this 31st. That leaves 408 AE(Elec) under diploma stream.

As declared by the CE (HRM) under RTI act vide Letter No.EB7/RIA/232/07 Dt.28.12.2007 the sanctioned strength of AE(Elec) is 2112. (This was subsequently raised to 2136). Taking the sanctioned strength at 2112, it can be understood that 30% of 2112 or 633 is the required streangth of AE(Elec) under diploma stream.

That means there is an existing short fall of 225 AE(Elec) under diploma stream.
The learned councel to the petitioners, Sri.Bency John and Sri.Sathishbabu, Adv.Gopakumar has already issued a contempt notice to CE (HRM) in this case.

The court is opening after the vacation on 4th of January 2010.

Wait till then and see the fire works.

You may all get it then.


2 responses to “Gradation List of Asst Engineer under 30%

  1. Did anyone notice that the names of AE (Diploma) who are promoted to AEE [EB1-AE(E)-AEE(E)-Pro-Diploma-2009.pdf]are not in the gradation list DiplomaAE2009.pdf, which means there is another gradation list? Which include there names therefore the number of AE (Diploma) is not 428 it is more than that.

  2. Jobi,this can also mean that the names of already promoted AEs to AEE has been removed from the gradation list. That means the list is uptodate. Also pls note that the AEs promoted up to 8/09 has been included. if the list is up to date then we have a chance

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