Meeting the Chairman

Today (26-06-2009 Sri. Rajeev Sadanandan IAS, honourable chairman of KSEB granted an audience to me at his chamber during visiting hours.

He heard our grievances patiently. He admitted that the promotions to cadre juniors with lower qualification is an injustice. He pointed out that graduate engineers are also suffering the same fate. Even though, Civil Engineering dept of KSEB is following the engineering code on this Electrical Engineering dept has not accepted to follow the code.

He admitted that, acceptance of code by Electrical Engineering dept is not on his powers.

He said that 450 AEs will be recruited thru PSC. Around 70 AEs of diploma stream will be promoted to AEE. And some SEs of diploma stream also will be promoted shortly. He did not say the exact number of this promotion.

He scanned our interim court order and promised to look in the matter will take a decision.

Hope he will take a favourable decision.

I certainly hope so, since our chairman has already proved that, he is just, honourable and practical

Let’s hope for the best.

Mean while, we will be filing the contempt of court next week.

We are gathering ammunition for our fight. By going through the arsenal we have already procured, we hope for an earth shattering effect.

All Sub Engineers pls note : We all know that Civil Engineering has accepted engineering code and they are promoting seniors only. We need board order or any other communication regarding this.

It can be couriered. Scanned and sent thru email.

Pls consider this as most urgent


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