Action Plans

On 15th June at around 15.00 Hrs we will have a meeting at Ernakulam. We expect to see subengineers from alleppey and ernakulam. After the meeting we may meet our advocate to discuss about filing of the contempt of court.

On 16th June we are planning to meet the honarouble minister of electricity at trivandrum. If chairman is available at trivandrum we will meet him too.

Pls keep in touch for further details
cell no. 9447249407


One response to “Action Plans

  1. We the SE's in and around Aluva are with U in all respects and give u the full support in this move .What U have stated like the support from the unions is really true but the truth is not always accepted suddenly. We have to fight for the rights till success and it is easier if we stand together and united……Ajith.

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