Everyone senior to Sri. Sathishbabu whose gradation number is 2366 shall apply for promotion through proper channel.  This is absolutely essential for the process.

below is a sample of the application
Copy of the request will be sent by email on request.
email id is
mobile – 9447249407
Mobile of satheeshbabu
Text of application



            Sub Engineer




            The Chief Engineer (HRM),

            Kerala State Electricity board

            Vydyuthi Bhavan,  Thiruvananthapuram


( Thru proper channel )



Sub :    Request for promotion to the post of Assistant Engineer (Electrical)


Ref :     1.   Gradation List of Sub Engineers..

2.      Interim Order of the Honourable High Court in WP(C)  No,11722 of 2009 Dated 23rd May 2009.



I have joined KSEB as Sub Engineer on (date) and I am continuing in the post of Sub Engineer since then.  Even though I have completed (No) years in KSEB as Sub Engineer, I have not been considered for promotion to the post of Assistant Engineer.  I had already applied for the promotion as more than 900 vacancies exist in Sub Stations as shift operators. 


Some Sub Engineers approached the honourable high court for redressal of the denial of promotion vide WP(C) No.11722 and the court had ordered for promoting them on a temporary basis vide its order dated 23 – 05 – 2009.


The Petitioner No.2 Sri. Satheesh babu is No.2366 vide the gradation list of Sub Engineers and as per the order referred (2), claims of his admitted seniors shall be considered before he is promoted.


Since my gradation number is   (No) I am senior to the petition No.2 and I request you to kindly consider me for promotion to the post of Assistant Engineer as per the order referred (2).


                                                                                    Yours faithfully



02-06-2008,                                                                                        sd

Place                                                                                        (name)



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