As mentioned in the previous post, the case was filed by Adv. Gopakumar.

Hon’ble Judge Sri. P.N. Raveendran has passed an interim order. the interim order gives the KSE Board 3 weeks time for implementing the order.  As we all know, the board may not promote us, as directed. In that case, we may have to move the court for contempt of court or for further orders. 
All subengineers visiting this site, may kindly leave a comment, with their address and telephone number for further further information. 
What we now needs is a movement, a united movement that is. to get our just demand of promotion.
please read the order carefully, it is only an interim order, a rare luck actually. normally an interim order of this kind is hard to get.  
hope all will rally around this case for getting justice.
whoever sees this blog, please tell others about this. 
this is the time to act
and this may be our last chance too.


2 responses to “HIGH COURT ORDER

  1. please contact everyone in this category region wise to make a positive move in this regard since we are not getting justice for a long time.vinod calicut

  2. at last there is a trace of hope for us. Ajith, Aluva.

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